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      Service brand:

      Yuchai “fast and sincere” service

      Service purpose:

      Make every effort to treat users wholeheartedly, Integrity all over the world

      Sign language:

      Yuchai service, fast and sincere

      Service philosophy:

      ☆The machine in your hands, and service in my heart.
      ☆Words must be done and it must be excellent.
      ☆The service station is the root system of the OEM, the comrade of the dealer, and the intimate friend of the end user.
      ☆Every service starts with initiative, with sincerity, and finally with satisfaction.

      Yuchai service values:

      ☆Create value: fast and sincere service, quick response, professional guarantee, pursuit of satisfaction
      ☆Increase value: subdivide demand, fully focus, consolidate loyalty, and create a brand
      ☆Sublimation value: leading the standard, upgrading the industry, harmonious users, serving the society

      Service work guidelines:

      ☆First try to be responsible, without asking responsibility, service first;
      ☆First inquiry, first responsibility, who services, who is responsible;
      ☆Maintenance responsibility system. Who services, who follows.

      Service Pledge:

      ☆The service hotline of company’s headquarters and local Service stations opens 24 hours.
      ☆The service response time: within 12 hours on site. On-site service: processing within 1 hour, and feedback to the customer in time.
      ☆Out-of-office service: The dispatching work will be done within 1 hour after the customer reports, and will be on site within 12 hours except for remote areas.
      ☆In case of overtime, 30 yuan / hour will be paid to the customer (24 hours / day ).
      Receiving over 30 yuan / hour to compensate customers (over 24 hours per day).
      ☆Spare parts arrive on site: within 24 hours.
      ☆Completion time: the first warranty period shall not exceed 3 hours, The general failure shall be less than 8 hours, and serious failure shall be less than 72 hours.